People Bring You Down

This is a not-so-great-quality pic of teh front on my final art project called "PEOPLE BRING YOU DOWN". i had to HAD to put in in gif. sorry. an di also had to resduce the size. sorry abotu taht too. otherwise it was hUMNGOUSand takes ETERNITIES to load.


maybe we should promote make some rules for joining?? just some suggestion, and suggest a few more if ud liek, itd be great. and post soem random poetry or rants or arts or whatever ;D. uhm, yes, and mayeb we can make a few mods. you both come to mind..heh :) oh YEA. and if u DO thin that applications should be used for membership, then, please do suggest some creative questions. wonderful. heh. like the green?
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by the way...

do u LIKE this layout more than the otehr one? color change, maybe? i tired but the thignie where u pick teh colors wouldnt SHOW the colors and it got annoying, i dont think it LOOKS bad anyways, but, feedback is good.thanks

damn rant

i hate girls that hate me me because ive never don ethem wrong i hate girls that hate me cuz theire jealous i hat egirls that hate me cuz they wish they had a boy like joe i hate girls that fake i hat egirls that fake me i hat egirls that lie i hate girls that lie about me to me for me with me without me i hate girls that hate girls like THEM.
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Hello. I'm guessing this is a poetry community. I'll give mad love to whoever can guess what this poem is based on. As always, constructive criticism is welcome, if not lusted for.

s to e:
I remember you first sprawled on a valley like a river
not a pasture.
We spent hours oiling our world under my cloak and passed memories with
your sun-baked fingertips and my wet eyelashes fanning
our bodies.
At dawn you collected fallen strands of my hair to hold between the creases of your right palm
and used your left
pressing my scent against your neck.
my shadow will consume you.
I always told you,
you are only a man.

All your gold and sheep will come to waste.
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I was sprawled:
the edge of the bed held me.
she played moonlight sonata
and the window opposite
blew beautiful breezes.
every its cool exhalation,
was my sweet inhalation.
windy fragments braided
with broken melodies,
and coiled my bent, sleeping, fingers:
parts faking
temporary death.
screamed loudly
the gentle feathered
stirring my plastic eyes
to b r e a t h e

suggestion with a name?
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